About Us

With 35 years of practice in real estate taxation, Schmidt Salzman & Moran, Ltd. aggressively pursues the lowest possible real estate taxes for its clients’ commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential properties. To achieve these goals the firm:

  • Compiles authoritative evidence and develops convincing arguments for each property in order to achieve the lowest possible tax.
  • Consults with the highest qualified appraisers who are recognized for their expertise in the valuation of real estate for taxation purposes.
  • Anticipates scheduled reassessments and policy changes allowing for thorough analysis and advanced preparation for presentation of the most effective assessment challenges.
  • Pursues all remedies, both administrative and, if necessary, all levels of the judicial system, from the Circuit Courts to the Illinois Supreme Court.

Other services that Schmidt Salzman & Moran, Ltd. regularly provides to its clients include:

  • Identifying potential available commercial and industrial tax incentives and representation before local municipalities and the Assessor’s Office to secure implementation and maintenance of the incentive.
  • Representation of private and not-for-profit owners and developers of senior housing and care developments, and health, training, and educational facilities to achieve tax exemptions or the most favorable tax classification and valuations.
  • Complimentary consultation for drafting tax proration clauses which address such issues as an existing one-year only partial occupancy assessment, scheduled reassessments, open space rollback assessments and commencement and termination of a tax incentive or an exemption.
  • Complimentary detailed real estate tax projections for budgeting and acquisition purposes.